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I grew up with Abby. Back when I was still young enough to be forced into neighborhood activities like summer volleyball tournaments and cheerleading (I kid you not), I used to see her around, and quite often. It was expected, considering that she lived just a block away. We were never particularly close. The next time I saw her, years later, was in Ateneo, and we'd acknowledge one another each time we'd cross paths with an occasional nod. There was a time when she joined a BlueREP workshop though, which had her stay in school 'til around 8:30. She asked for a ride home and I obliged, but at the last minute she said that she would be hitching with a friend.

Out of sheer boredom I logged onto YM just a few minutes ago. As is often the case, a couple of offline messages popped up. "Please pray for the..." -- it read like usual stupid message people pass around on YM so I was about to close the first window, but when I saw the name "Abigael Parong," I read the message entirely. Apparently, Abby died yesterday morning in a car accident along C5. And just like that, my problems don't seem as significant anymore.

I didn't take the chance to know you then, but I always knew (and felt) you were a good person; someone I wouldn't mind hanging out with. Judging from the many entries that have been written for you, you were well loved, and will be dearly missed.

Rest in peace, Abby.

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2) The final output must not exceed 2 minutes.
3) It should contain at least one Intel element to be provided during the workshop (i.e. Intel logo, Intel Core 2 Quad badge or Intel bong).
4) Entries will be judged according to the following criteria: Creativity and Originality - 45%, Storyline and Direction - 25%, Best integration of Intel elements - 15% and Effective use of GE game elements - 15%.
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Gacked from Tish :)

I'm usually discreet when I surf the net during paid time out of respect to my employer, but when I saw this pic, I couldn't stop laughing. SONGKIE THE MIME! Priceless!!!! Wahahaha.
(I don't remember what I wore to this party. I do remember this night as Dylan's first foray into the world of face paint though, and that even if he instructed me to make him look like a member of KISS, he wound up looking well, bumbay.)

Nene-ness and High School baduy-ness
(I must've thought I was so cool then. -_-')

This entry's rather pointless, I know. But I'm bored, so sue me. And Songkie's picture was too funny not to share. :p The great thing about being friends with these girls for the last 8 years? (Aside from the typical Hallmark-y things like companionship and acceptance and treasured memories) TONS OF BLACKMAIL MATERIAL. Wahaha. :D I love you 9rs!!!

For the record, I find it amazing that we get to see each other more often now that most of us have graduated, as compared to when we were all in college. It's been great growing up with all of you. 'Til the next get-together, ladies. :D (Mommy Tish, come baaack! We miss you!!!)

Harry Pota

HP 7 book leak! -->

I know close to nothing about the series, but I figured some of you guys might be interested. ;)

*bows* / *braces self for the h8rZ* (hahaha.)

I'm jumping on the angry-entry-bandwagon

...because it has to be said:
if you cross one of us, you'll get 44 other girls after your head.

Now --

Quit being a coward, you stupid motherfucking piece of shit. When you impulsively break up with someone over something so painfully, ridiculously petty, and you refuse to make contact with that person for a specific amount of time, seemingly uninterested in remaining friends at the very least, THEN YOU SHOULD HAVE THE DECENCY TO SEVER TIES COMPLETELY. Don't lead her on with cryptic messages, don't expect her to wait around for you, quit putting both of your friends in the middle of the mess, and for fuck's sake, stand up for the motherfucking choices that you've made.

For the record, asa ka pang papatulan ka nung isa. Decent girls know better than to settle for their friends' seconds. Contrary to what you may think, you're not worth the fucking drama.

Gacked from Jay

Go to Google and type in quotation marks your name and then "likes to" (ex. "Tom likes to"). Type in the first ten things that come up and repost in your own blog.

1. Pola likes many bookstories. (Wow.)
2. Pola likes playing water pola (his own version of water polo). (LAME!!!)

Yargh. Naubos. Paula it is. -_-'

1. Paula likes to watch old movies, attend concerts and visit museums in her beloved city of New York.
2. Paula likes to __________. (it seriously says that. whut?)
3. Paula likes to get on with the job from the front.
4. Paula likes to watch old movies, attend concerts and visit museums in her beloved city of New York.
5. Paula likes to help out and spend time with her family, listen to music, and do some reading.
6. Paula likes to garden when she has time.
7. Paula likes to "cut up." (I don't get it.)
8. Paula likes to wear her hair in many different styles from natural with her curls soft and shiny to elegant updos and carefully arranged buns.
9. Paula likes to meet me in the morning to “talk the lake”, as she calls it—walk around Lake Merritt and talk out all the solutions to that day’s challenges (or solve the world’s problems, as we jokingly refer to it) so we can get back to work knowing just how to proceed. (this Paula's lame. Haha.)
10. Paula likes to work quickly to keep her rhythm flowing, but she doesn't like to be messy.

I'm aliiiiiiive!

Let me start my first entry since February by saying JASON STREET IS MY BEBEH DADDEH. Hothothot. ♥

A lot of things have happened since I last updated (understatement of the year). High School Musical's over with. Really happy it was a huge success, but I'm relieved it's over. Ended my last semester of college with an A from Sir Mariano for my PH103 orals and a 3.6 on my "report card." Went job hunting for a while, although since I'm too lazy, I only applied for companies with postings online. So far, I have 2 job offers, one from an up-and-coming advertising agency with mac computers and a cute potential officemate with glasses, and another one from a PR firm (or a transformative marketing company, as they choose to call it) that services Havaianas, Ayala Land, Unilever, Figaro, Pantene and Magnolia. Pretty good for my ego, considering I got a no from the company I was really looking forward to working for. My, my, never realized job hunting could be so heartbreaking. Anyway, even with the two offers, I'm still shopping around for other companies, just in case I find something that pays better. I have three interviews lined up next week, and that's only Monday and Tuesday. I am a Jobstreet whore. Hahaha.

Goddamnit, I'm old. That's what I always end up feeling after Pia and I have heart to hearts about our future. We had planned to go to Singapore in 6 months if things don't work out for us here mainly because Singapore supports theatre, pays big money, and is...clean. Yeah. We were gonna be flat mates and we were gonna fight like an old married couple over late nights and plays left unattended. Of course, with recent developments and with two of us finding jobs, our plan doesn't feel as tangible as before. I don't know if this means we're already settling or if we're giving the Philippines a chance. I'd like to think it's the latter.


Because of my fascination with The Office (Jim and Pam!! ♥), I decided to get a DVD of the UK version to watch the original series. I'm probably the only one who thinks this, but David Brent is nowhere as charismatic or loveable as Michael Scott. His scenes were almost too painful to watch. On the seventh episode of season 2, I actually slept through the 5 to 7-minute bit where he went on several blind dates. Ugh. Good job DVD pirates for not including The Office (UK)'s Christmas specials, which basically END the series. Had to download the last two eppies from Mininova. Tim and Dawn are love, but my loyalty's still with Jim and Pam. I think I live vicariously through TV characters. It's very sad, really. :)


I formally (and finally) graduate tomorrow. Wow.

All that worrying for nothing...

Immersion's finally over. The day before leaving for Maporak, I kept whining about how I wasn't gonna have fun, or fit in, or get something from the experience, partly because my supposed partner backed out at the last minute. It's funny though, because right after leaving the area, I was already trying to figure out when I could return. I think a part of myself grew a little bit sadder, older and wiser in Maporak, and even with the gazillion things to do that welcomed me when I went back home, I'm not the least bit sorry that I went. I wouldn't call the experience life-changing, because to say so presupposes a drastic change in me. I've changed, yes, but I wouldn't want to be hypocritical and start promising things I might not be able to live up to. Don't get me wrong, I learned so much during the three days spent with Nanay Trinidad and the Aeta kids from Maporak. I just hope that I can forever take with me whatever I learned from the people I met there, because to forget would be to say that my Maporak experience was all for naught.

It would be impossible for me to run a list of everything that happened. Maybe there isn't much to tell. If I write about my three days with my Nanay, our horrid (but exhilirating...kind of.) climb to the top of a mountain, my first real slow dance (ayihee!), our river adventures, or the crazy but adorable kids from Maporak, you probably wouldn't understand the significance behind every listed person or every little event. So I'm leaving this entry like this. No pictures, not a lot of details, no analyzing -- just so I won't forget. Just so every time I read this entry, I'll be brought back to peaceful, sandy, little Maporak and remember just what made our visit there so meaningful for me.

To Kuya Ubit, Mommy Yas, Panky, Gigi, Kuya Cute, Glenn, Yaan, Karen, Diane, Kris, Batang Z, and the Brokeback boys Jonas and Miko, thank you. I don't know what exactly I'm thanking you for, but there. Thank you thank you thank you. :) [I think I left someone out but I don't know her name. EEEP!]


Post-immersion entries are allowed to be unabashedly sentimental, no? I hope to be back there soon.


Testriffic IQ test


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