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Going, going...gone.

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Because sometimes a night of pure conversation can change your life
You get me and the things I say, and it's nice not having to explain myself any further when I mouth off on random things. You seem to really like listening to the babaw crap I tend to talk about each time you catch me inebriated. For some reason, every time we see each other we never have cigarettes AND a lighter -- it's always one or the other, and it's become an inside joke that no one else will probably find amusing. We like the same music, and we're equally passionate about our fan-bands. Out of the blue you suggest songs you think I'd like, which I find endearing in a big brother sort of way. We're both itching for creative expression, and we share the understanding that for now we're in limbo -- being fine with who we are now, yet being scared shitless that growing up this wasn't how we envisioned ourselves to be. Technically we've only "spent" two nights together, but we've already built this easy rapport that I find comforting and familiar. It's all very...nice.

Sometimes a night of pure conversation can change your life. But last night wasn't it. Promise masarap ka kausap. Pero yun lang yun. In any case, I'm flattered. And I am long hair. Haha.


In other news, I finally got to play Rockband last night! Woooot! I got to live my Paz Lenchantin fantasy! I am the bass guitar and the bass guitar is me! (Whutwhut.) I also sang "Don't Speak" with a little too much feeling. Hahaha. What is lasing and bigay na bigay with matching closing of the eyes. Demmit.


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