Maybe I'm ready to throw it all away

Going, going...gone.

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Hello, Goodbye
Over the last few summers, I've developed this horrible tradition of losing people. And it's made me all ~angsty~ and ~tortured~ like Peyton Sawyer***. (Just kidding. My angst was mostly pretend and temporary.)

I always thought it was selfish for people to leave, to sever existing relationships for the off-chance of new adventures. If everything in the world is indeed interdependent, why would anyone leave knowing they'd create dysfunction?

I'm forced to eat my words because now I have to be the one to do the leaving. Soon. And I absolutely hate it.

The thing is, I need to leave. And I will. And being on this end of the relationship cycle (being the leaver, as opposed to being the leave-ee) makes me understand better those who've left before. Being left shouldn't always reflect negatively on the leave-ee. I can choose Brand B, but that doesn't mean Brand A means any less, that Brand A will not be missed, or that not picking Brand A wasn't hard.

Also, assuming the fundamental nature of relationships presupposes an end, it'll do more people good to go the Rent-route and measure the value of relationships by the amount of love they put in rather than their shelf lives. Yes P. Sawyer, people always leave, but while they're still around they don't always have to love you. And when they actually bother to take care of you and love you and watch you/let you grow before the inevitable end, that makes all the difference.

I've lost so many people dear to me in the past, but they've loved me so many times more. I have no regrets. I hope leave-ee sees it the same way, eventually.

Best part about people leaving though?

Sometimes they come back. ♥

July can't come any sooner.


*** - One Tree Hill reference. Sad, I know. Haha.

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anak!! where are you going??? :(

OHMAHGAHHHH. I didn't realize there were still people on LJ! So much for semi-sorta-kinda anonymous writing. Haha.

Not leaving-leaving per se, Mommy, but I just handed in my resignation. Tough goodbye. I'll be in and out of the country for my new company though, so that's sort of leaving (in that sense) too? :)

talaga? :) what company?? wahh we have so much catching up to do!

hehe for the onetreehill reference

maka will be proud ;)

being left behind does suck a lot, but tleast there are those times when leaving doesn't mean the end of a relationship =) sometimes we manage to keep it going, and the leavers even end up doing a better job at looking after us coz they get the to have a semi-outsider's perspective. that's why they get to come back, and we welcome them with open arms (and a little bitching when they don't get the pasalubong we want).

who's coming back in july? =)

oh waaaaait cowb, where are you going?? alarmed* haha

Re: hehe for the onetreehill reference

My soulmate! Haha. Kidding. Someone I've missed for too long, mosdef. :)

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