Maybe I'm ready to throw it all away

Going, going...gone.

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So much for resolutions.
Woke up to "When Harry Met Sally" playing on Star World yesterday, which I found timely given the recent turn of events. I'm referring, of course, to a friend's newfound mission to act on her long-standing "what if," that is, a friendship she's always wanted to turn into something more.

I remain convinced there are no hows to the friends-turned-lovers dynamic (and if there were, I wouldn't be the person to ask. On a somewhat related note I really hate the term 'lovers,'), but from watching the movie I'd say it helps -- really, really helps -- if you have Harry Connick Jr. on your side.

At what age exactly do people trade in nights spent drinking in hole-in-the-wall joints for dressy cocktail functions with a big band playing classic songs that move people's stories along? (favorites from the soundtrack: "It Had to be You" and "Don't Get Around Much Anymore") Because those look fun...ish, and I'd manipulate my way to the guest list if an opportunity presented itself. Then again I'd probably feel ridiculous in such a staged get-together, but if something Harry-met-Sally-ish were to happen to friend in question, then I'll be there for moral support; dancing partner, uncomfortable heels and swingy dress in tow.

I feel like this entry is chock-ful of run-on sentences, but I'm giving myself a free pass because I'm admittedly rusty. At the start of the year I launched an extensive campaign to get people back on LJ (and by extensive I mean limited to two, maybe three people) in order to revive the romanticism of writing just because, and crafting entries with full regard of proper grammar and punctuation, without a 140-character limit, or a 'like' button. With my incapacity for follow-through I'm completely behind on my resolve to write again, but this is a start, so yay me.

To friend-on-a-mission, best of luck. You might not have any Harry Connick Jr. when the time comes, but watching John Mayer from the nosebleed section's not too shabby either, especially if he plays your song. ;)


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