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Reviving my poor abandoned LJ until I get tired (again) of cross-posting
Yesterday didn't really feel like Mother's Day as my mother had her own plans and I had mine. But it was, introspectively, a celebration of my longest-standing relationship.


Granted, parenthood is rather obligatory.

But not everyone is a good parent, and not everyone can keep at it with the same resilience that my mother's displayed the last *gulp* 23 years. (I feel old.) Also, while the law decrees that parents be responsible for their offspring, there are no stipulations on love, and how.

With human interaction valued as society's strongest currencies, the comfort of having my mom be my mom is priceless.


So for the record, I did not forget. And I am always grateful.

Here's to your 'special day,' mom.

Dinner next week's on me.

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again, stealing spock gif!!!! :D

go lang. :D senior spock's eyebrows are FIERCE. hahaha.

Yay! You're back on LJ! :) Hoy I miss you na talaga. It's been too long!

Hey Pauriv, your Plurk account called. Baba na daw ng karma mo. Hahaha. :)

I miss you also! Ada's on va-cay starting tomorrow so I'll be gerlpren-less. Text me if you want Mom and Tina's or whatever after work. If you're up for alcohol, even better. Hehehe.

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