Maybe I'm ready to throw it all away

Going, going...gone.

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If you don't watch The Office, then you won't understand. :D

The newest Office ep is love. Hey Ail and whoever wants to watch! -->

One of the running themes of said episode was carrying on after a break-up which I found... convenient? Coincidental? The world's way of poking fun at me, maybe? Heh. But anyway, Jim and Pam squee-ness aside, Kevin and Michael have my heart forevaaah.

In one scene, Michael made all of his employees list down on index cards women who he could be set up with. He saw the name Wendy on one of the index cards, who was described as a spirited redhead. When he dialed Wendy's number he actually wound up calling Wendy's. Hahaha. Watching the episode made me realize that I want my own Dwight though. I want a friend crazy enough to find me my own chair model, and who will belt "American Pie" with me in a graveyard no questions asked. (Come back home, Veeetchy!)

Float Away by Up Dharma Down's (yes, the jingle for McDonald's) been on my head for the last week. You are a positive distraction. Hmmmhmmmm. ;p

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naloka ako sa wendy's!!! :-)

mishutoo veetchiness!!!!

-crazy friend! ;P

i applauded JIM at the end.. when he was tying his shoes. ;)

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